SHI’s Goals:
To establish a global resource to aid in the search for missing & stolen horses, tack, trailers & equipment, and locating owners of found horses.

To promote search and recovery involvement and education through equestrian organizations

To act as a resource for and work with the law enforcement community

To maintain an international network (NetPosse) to disseminate images and information on missing & stolen horses

To increase public awareness on horse theft and identification methods via seminars, presentations and exhibits.

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Your worst fears realized.  You arrive to find your equestrian companion missing.  Was he stolen, did he somehow get loose and wander off?  What is his condition, what is his fate?  What do you do now?

NetPosse a division of Stolen Horse International, Inc. (SHI) is EVERY equestrian’s key resource, by not only providing valuable information and assistance in recovering lost, stolen or missing equines, but by also taking a major role in educating the public on equine theft and loss prevention.  And, by promoting  the NIP registration program.

Thanks to the speed of the internet, NetPosse can round up a modern day version of a posse within minutes of filing a report.  An alert and call to action goes out to a network of organizations, individuals, businesses, law enforcement and recovery specialists bent on returning your lost equine or property.  

Irrespective of your riding discipline or breed preferences, NetPosse is there to help you recover your missing equine, or better yet, NetPosse is there to help keep your equine partner safe and where he belongs.  We encourage all equestrians to be proactive when it comes to protecting their property and animals.  Our website not only provides valuable tips on theft and loss prevention but is also ready to assist should a recovery be necessary.

Interested in learning more? Join NetPosse at an upcoming seminar or expo or book them for your next event.

An organization developed out of simple necessity, and with little to no paid advertising, NetPosse.com typically averages thousands of unique visitors a month with millions of pages viewed.

Visitors from around the world are finding NetPosse.com including those from the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Japan, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Trinidad, Tobago, Brazil, Finland, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Mexico, Norway, Argentina, Italy and Turkey.

Established in 1998, NetPosse (Stolen Horse International, Inc.) is a 501(c)(3), allowing for tax deductable donations.  Your generous donations, along with the nominal fees we assess to file a report and assist in recovery efforts, are used to continue the administration and operation of the organization and in pursuit of its’ ultimate mission: assisting owners and animals in distress.



Stolen Horse International, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) status, making donations to the horse-theft-recovery network tax deductible. Horse enthusiasts can donate online through PayPal or send money to:  SHI, PO Box 1341, Shelby, NC 28151



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