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NR000148 - STOLEN TACK / EQUIPMENT Ansur Classic Dressage Saddle, Ansur Konklusion Jumping Saddle, Rembrandt Dressage Saddle, BEval "The Natural" Jumping Saddle, Collegiate Jumping Saddle - AR

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Owner Information
Name:Marti Scharlau
Zip / Postal Code:72704
Incident Details
Date of Incident:11/16/2005
Location:Fayetteville (Fayetteville County), AR, 71704, USA
Incident Description:The night of 11/16/05 by breaking in through tack room window

Tack / Equipment
Name: Ansur Classic Dressage Saddle
  • black size small

Tack / Equipment
Name: Ansur Konklusion Jumping Saddle
  • brown size small

Tack / Equipment
Name: Rembrandt Dressage Saddle
  • brown

Tack / Equipment
Name: Beval "The Natural" Jumping Saddle
  • brown
  • seat size 16"
  • x-tra long flap
  • deep seat

Tack / Equipment
Name: Collegiate Jumping Saddle
  • brown size 16

Date/Time of Filing:11/16/2005

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