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Thu, July 12 2018

$2500 REWARD Offered for Mr. Johnny Dial - Missing Horse

Mr. Johnny was last seen on June 19, 2018 2017 according to Briona Nelson, owner of the missing horse

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Wed, July 4 2018

AVID Mini Tracker III Spec Sheet

AVID mini tracker III spec sheet for scanners sold in Stolen Horse International's NetPosse Store

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Wed, May 16 2018

Are Professional Microchip Providers Educated Equally?

 One of the biggest problems in the microchip industry, in our opinion, is the misstatement of facts.

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Wed, April 11 2018

Tuskegee Veterinary Medicine student charged with scamming horse owners

A Tuskegee University student arrested on felony charges of obtaining property under false pretense has been extradited to North Carolina.

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Fri, April 6 2018

Rowan County Woman Victim In Alledged Horse Thief's Scheme

Vet student alledged to have been a con artist who scammed horse owners out of their horses by fraudulent means.

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Fri, March 9 2018

How to Avoid Being A Victim of A Scam Artist

Think maybe you have been a victim? Know somebody who has been? NEVER want to go there?

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Mon, March 5 2018

PRESS RELEASE - Vet Student at Tuskegee University in Alabama Leaves Horse Victims in Her Wake Across Multiple States

A 3rd year veterinary student at Tuskegee University in the State of Alabama has left many horse victims in her wake across multiple states.

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Mon, March 5 2018

Is it Time to Retire Your Trusted Companion?

What are your alternatives for that trusted and faithful old friend?

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