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Opie, recovered after almost 10 years!





Cheyenne, found after five years!



Still searching for Pudgy



Mercy, VA 2011


Daisy - OK



Lilly - NH

"Fortunately for me and my rescues here I have never had to utilize your organization, however many others have and always receive great support from you and your staff. From your extensive knowledge to your extensive network of professionals in authority. Your group is the best thing out there for anyone missing a horse! Thank God for your continued passionate efforts in this area! I rest easier knowing your out there if ever I need you! And thank you for always availing yourself for any and all questions I have had over the years. Always a pleasure!" - Beverly Chapman

This past week I attended a seminar in Winston Salem, NC where the founder of NetPosse/SHI was the speaker. I attended not because I own a horse, but because I do own animals. I have been to many seminars where I was quickly bored. Not this time! This was an eye-opening experience that was educational, interesting and shocking! Support this organization. - Linda Bart, June 2015

"I just wanted to let everyone know that after hours, weeks and months looking for Raven and exhausting all efforts, I thought!. I was told about NetPosse and so I registered her with them. The man that had taken her called within two days saying he had found her because he had already sold her. He returned her within four days. Netposse has connections and has dealt with these types of matters in ways we wouldnt know to do. I am ever so thankful to them for the return of my beautiful Raven, I really thought I would never see her again. He even made the comment that they were unable to do anything with her because of the publicity from NetPosse." Signed Happy, Happy Girl - 1/14/15

"It has been several years since we had the support and help we needed to get through an emotional and devastating time when our Mare in foal was stolen in what was supposed to be a broker arrangement. This woman was heartless and selfish, with an end result of forging my name to documents out of desperation to steal these horses. Without the help of Netposse and the pressure put on the thieves I don't know if we would have ever gotten the Mare and Foal returned safely. Courts take a long time and though she eventually was given a felony forgery charge for her actions, the horses had been dumped back on our door from what we believe was the pressure of the search for them!! We support Netposse and continue to assist with posters, forwards of emails and postings on facebook to help others going through such devastating circumstances. Thank you Debi for your selfless devotion and time spent to educate others of this continuation of criminal acts. - Julie Adams, July 2015

"As many of us, I met Debi Metcalfe and SHI at a time of crisis. I went out to feed my Palomino mare, Penny, one morning, and she was gone. No fence breaks, no gates open--she was just gone. I frantically searched the adjoining pastures and farms, to no avail. I had no idea where to turn or what to do. I went home and logged onto Google. When I typed in "stolen horses", SHI's site came up. I contacted Debi, and SHI sprang into action with resources, ideas, and activation of a network of eyes and ears across the country and around the world.

My story had a happy ending. Within 2 days, Penny was located and returned to me. Even when faced with airtight evidence to the contrary, the county District Attorney refused to prosecute the thief, saying it was simply a case of "mistaken identity." That just led to SHI's stronger lobbying to get the crime of horse theft taken seriously in our courts, something that is still emphasized today.

Debi and SHI work tirelessly with local and national law enforcement and volunteers to reunite horses with their families. I have never known a more focused, devoted individual than Debi. She is a powerhouse of educational information and energy, which she freely shares with everyone. Get to know SHI, support them with your time and contributions, and help them continue their work. The economy is causing more and more horses to disappear. With your help, SHI can continue and grow its important efforts." - Bonnie Earnhardt, Writer/Editor, Mebane, NC, July 2015

Due to Netposse I was able to get my beloved OTTB stolen from us on trial period back. It is so surreal. I cannot believe he is real and that I truly was looking at a picture of my beloved Pepper again when a friend went to visit him for me today. She texted the pictures, my heart stopped and I had goosebumps, started crying with joy. It has been a long two years without him. It is wonderful that you do what you do. If not for Netposse I'd never have recovered my boy.I owe SO much to you and Netposse. :) Warm regards. - Tara Dennington

"The best move I made in this entire mess was to contact Stolen Horse International. Debi Metcalfe was my greatest source of information and emotional support during the entire criminal and civil case. She kept me grounded and focused, and she kept me clam when I thought I was going to totally lose my mind. Her knowledge and tactical thinking kept me from messing up my case time after time. She even came to Los Angeles to stand by my side When Ariel finally came home, she is an amazing person. Her experience and strength has helped so many crime victims including me, to find justice in the area of Horse theft in both the criminal and civil arena. The SHI motto is "never under estimate the power of one" I say. "Never underestimate the power of Debi Metcalfe, she is a "One Woman Posse", and bad guys..... she is coming for you!"--Rod Vilencia, CA

 "Thanks for starting NetPosse Debi! People don't realize how many horses go missing or get stolen every year. It was a silent epidemic but now it is getting more and more visiblility and even people who don't have horses or live out in the country are more aware and on the lookout when horses and owners need help. I hope I never have to file a report and I hope I will be able to help find someones horse for them someday. Together all of us out here can make a difference." ~ Cindy Konigson, Facebook post January 2014

"Stolen Horse International – they are AMAZING if you ever need help finding a horse they NEVER give up and Debi Metcalfe is my life saver. She did the impossible. Who is there to help you, support you and your efforts to keep looking even when your heart made you stop? STOLEN HORSE INTERNATIONAL and DEBI MEDCALFE that is who! Opie has been gone almost 10 years. 10 years is a very very long time. Today 7/30/2012 I got a call I could not believe. A person called and told Debi she was going to buy a horse but the story did not seem right. She looked on STOLEN HORSE INTERNATIONAL’s web site and found him. .  I am just wanting the world to know how amazing these people are. THANK YOU SO MUCH!" - Michelle Pool, July 30, 2012

"If not for people continuing to help and look, my pony Cheyenne would not have been found AFTER 5 YEARS by Debi Metcalfe and Stolen Horse International! NO POST IS EVER OUTDATED when someone's beloved horse is gone and you don't know what happened to them. I NEVER STOPPED SEARCHING every pasture I could see for a little black and white pony in the five years Cheyenne was gone. On several occasions I got off a highway to search for a road to drive by a pasture but it was never my pony in whatever field I found. If not for Stolen Horse International, I would still be looking and wondering about Cheyenne. I can never say THANK YOU enough!" - Alesha Coburn Tilley, NC 2012

NetPosse is DEFIANTELY worth contributing towards..all of you and the followers of NetPosse were such angels to me when Pix was missing. I am very grateful to everyone for helping me stay with nothing but positive thinking!! Your the greatest! - Anastacia Montalvo, NY 2012 

"Just wanted to thank Debi for her help with getting the word out about my stolen Pony, Pudgy. After all this time (almost 9 years!) she still mentions him at her seminars. Please join me at the Hoosier Horse Fair this April 13 - 15, 2012 as Debi speaks about what to do if this terrible crime happens to you! I am planning to go meet Debi for the first time and thank her personally for helping me in my attempt to recover Pudgy. God Bless and I hope this never happens to you." - Shelley Wilburn, IN 2012

"I’d like to thank everyone with NetPosse for your help in finding Pix. You have all been there with great suggestions, words of hope and ideas. Debi, awesome flyer! :-) Your organization is a blessing and one that I will be sure to promote every chance I get. I hope I never have to use the service for a lost horse again, but can guarantee in that even, NetPosse will be the first place I go. Your all too wonderful! I wish I could thank each and every person individually but there have been sooo many I’ve lost count. LOL. So thank you again to allllll. Merry Christmas from Anastacia and the infamous Pix!" - Anastacia Montalvo, NY 2011

“Thank you very much or your help with Mercy. It is a huge thing just to get it out there. Information is a powerful thing. There were so many people here that were looking for her which was really just a blessing to us. People were out there and trying to find her which you know is huge. We’re grateful to have her back and healthy and safe which is all that we have been praying for.” - Elise Rogers, VA 2011

"Netposse has been wonderful,  the moment I submitted my stolen horse report I had a wonderful net work of volunteers jumping in and helping spread the word, I have received hundreds of emails from people all over the United States stepping in to help, its reassuring to someone that has just had there world yanked out from underneath them, to know there are people willing and caring enough to help, and your not alone... if it were not for Netposse and everyone associated with them, I would be at a loss they really do care about finding your horse..  Bless you Netposse Bless all of you.. One day I know with your help we will bring Mayito home.. and maybe I can help you find another family member that has been taken." - Bernice Kingsbury, Mayito's Carbon Copy stolen 9-16-2010, Clinton Mo

"It was a year ago that we found our dear sweet donkey Lil, deceased.  As you can imagine she's been on my mind of late and I wanted to make sure I thank you  and your wonderful network for the good work you do.  The support I received from all over got me through a terrible 3 week ordeal. I am a pragmatic person but I cried for the whole three weeks as the days ticked by. Thank you so very much for being there for us all.  I will never forget you telling me that no lost or stolen animal is too small or insignificant for you  to assist.  You were telling me I wasn't alone and I'll never forget the relief and gratitude I felt." - Lora dePlante, New Ipswich, NH 3-8-11

"When our horses were stolen I was frantic the first days, our family members were missing! Jetti, Bailey, And Vegas were found within three days. Cruiser was found after two years. We are still searching for Poppi and Ziggy and hope to bring Blue home soon. I have the full scope, finding some quickly, finding one after soooo long, and still searching. If it weren’t for the efforts, support, caring, and encouragement of all the Netposse volunteers and specifically Debi, Aj, and Michelle I would have been overwhelmed long ago." - Melissa Kauffman, 2011

Stolen Horse International is the best place you can find info if your horse is stolen! Debi (and her staff) was there for me when my precious "Candy" was stolen and missing for SIXTY-FOUR WEEKS back in 2003! Don't think "oh, it could never happen to me" because that's the wrong attitude! It COULD VERY WELL happen to you! I pray for all those horses who are stolen / missing, and pray for their owners to never give up - Cheryl Ann Zamisch, Texas, 2011

"Thank you for getting this type of organization going!  Before I found SHI, I had NO IDEA how many horses are lost and stolen each year.  I never thought about the possibility with my horses.  Because of you and Netposse, I have learned and implemented a lot of things to help keep my horses safe. Helping SHI in any way is my way of giving back." - Crystel Denton, Denton Equine Appraisal Services, Colorado, 2011

" was instrumental in the recovery of our horse Lily.  Lily was missing in Georgia in January 2008.  I knew who had taken Lily and had contacted the police but they were not interested in helping me.  Finally at the beginning of February 2008 I was told about as an organization that could help me and they sure did.  By the end of February we had Lily back.  They were able to get the word out about Lily and with the situation exposed the guilty party became very cooperative.  If you are dealing with a missing or stolen horse don't try to do it on your own. can reach millions!  Thank you again you are doing such valuable work." - Sherri Leonard

"Stolen Horse International has become a HUGE part of my life through volunteering in what ever way I can.  Although I have never had the misfortune of having a horse stolen, I get extreme satisfaction in looking at auctions, and researching the web on a myriad of horse websites & classifieds, hoping to maybe get a glimpse of someone else's precious creature, taken from them.  My biggest dream is that someday, I will find a horse for someone and see the look on their face when that horse is returned to them.  The look would be my compensation and a huge bonus for what I do.  From the beginning, Debi Metcalfe has been a totally committed person to what she believes and is always there to lend an ear.  Stolen Horse International is by far, a superior organization committed to helping others." - Gail Schepp 2011

"Debi, we can't thank you enough for all that you and everyone else did for us. You have a wonderful program going and we are telling everyone we meet about you. We hope from time to time to be able to send donations your way to help a little with all the expenses you're out. We thank everyone at NetPosse for all the work you put forth on this case. We are sure that your efforts were a direct result in the case being solved in a timely manner. We thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for all your prayers, your thoughts, and your emails showing your concern. It meant a lot to us to know that so many people cared. We know Daisy would tell you the same thing if she could talk. May God Bless you all. Thank you and we pray God's blessings on your efforts." - Thanks again Justin and Judy 8/3/2007 

"I lost Sonny for 9 long days and if it had not been for some very caring folks in North Carolina it would have been very difficult to deal with. One great big Thank-You to NetPosse who done a tremendous job when I had no idea where to even start.  Those people are wonderful and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs their assistance. Sonny is now home and enjoying his family and all the attention he is getting.   He sure missed his grain." - Diane & Reggie Altizer, Boones Mill, VA 9/11/2007 

"I wanted to inform you that Jirah has been found and is safely at home. We got a call from a boarding stable in Brooksville, FL. The 10 year old child of the stable owner recognized Jirah from the flyer printed in the paper there and the father called the police. Yesterday, the police captain and Karen went up and identified him and picked him up. The day before this, a woman had confessed to the crime to a boarder at my barn and he called the police. She was arrested that same day and confessed to the crime, but had refused to tell where the horse was. Thank you so much for your help with this. We couldn't have found Jirah without your help. Please let the kind people know that the search for Jirah is over and he's home now.  Please keep up the great work you do!!" - Karen & Darlene 

"I always read these alerts on the many yahoo groups and having a group of my own that deals with horse and pony ads from everywhere around the globe was wondering if you would care to join the group and post that way all the members there have a heads up to. I think this program is an awesome way to put the information out there. Thank you so much." -- Elisha"I always read these alerts on the many yahoo groups and having a group of my own that deals with horse and pony ads from everywhere around the globe was wondering if you would care to join the group and post that way all the members there have a heads up to. I think this program is an awesome way to put the information out there. Thank you so much." -- Elisha 

"Thank you so much for all you do for so many people who have lost their much loved friends. I always pray with each new missing horse and cry for the people who have lost them. I will always pray for the safe return of the horses who are ripped away from the ones who love them and I will always rejoice for the ones brought home.  I am so happy that Idaho brought about this much needed help for folks who have had their horses stolen. I am also very happy that she was returned to you. I think about what happened to Pepper and it breaks my heart to know there are people out there who are so hateful and destructive. I am glad to be able to pray for everyone who needs prayer. It's all I have to offer, but it's enough many times! Thanks Deb. Give Idaho a hug for me ok and thanks for having the heart to do what you do! You are an angel! Hugs," -- Kimberly , 12/7/2004

Just wanted to let you know that Tank and Quincy were both found with my trailer this afternoon about 6 hrs ago and are home and ... can't say very well, but better than they were when i found them today. I want to extend my greatest appreciation to you and your contacts...I have gotten so much support and many prayers from those members. I have received probably 40-50 emails and they were all touching. I never knew so many people would go out of their way to help someone they didn't even know. Some people were driving as many as two hours out of their way to look for us. You must tell them ALL "Thanks So Much, we appreciate as they will never know!" Love to all, may GOD bless you with a bounty of good fortune; You are a jewel, Debi! Thanks. - Toni Martin, Longview, TX 4/16/04