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NR001738 - STOLEN EQUINE Quincy Feature, "Frosty" Recovered - CA

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Updates and Related Information

9/24/2012 - Frosty is home!! There was an anonymous call on Saturday from a man that said he had bought him on Tuesday (a day after the horse was stolen) but gave no information other then that because he was scared for being punished by the law (though he wouldn't have been if he was telling the truth). Last night, he called again & asked where Frosty was boarded & said he would wait there with him for the owners to get there.. by the time they got there, the mystery man was gone but Frosty was tied inside the front yard. THANKS TO EVERYONE who helped share his picture & story!! You helped bring Frosty home!!! :))   ~ Heather Suto

Owner Information
Name:sandee brough
Zip / Postal Code:92544
Incident Details
Date of Incident:9/16/2012
Location:Hemet (Riverside County), CA, 92544, USA
Incident Description:During the night someone got into our locked faciity over the fence and stole this horse and an array of halters, getting him out by jamming a locked gate.

Name:Quincy Feature
Color:Red Roan/chestnut
BreedPaint OVERO - Quarter Horse
Age when Entered: 13 years
Current Age from DOB:16 years
Height:16.1 hands
Weight:1200 lbs
Permanent ID:
  • Missing front top teeth 1/4" mole on right ear
Temperament:Easy Going
Registry:APHA / PtHA

Date/Time of Filing:9/18/2012 11:29:00 AM

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Quincy Feature

Quincy Feature