Oklahoma Pair in SAU Stolen Horse Case Will Stand Trial

Posted at Thursday, February 16, 2012 in Report Updates

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by RMHP Staff, Thursday, February 16, 2012     

Two defendants charged with knowingly concealing stolen property have been bound over for trial. A judge ruled there is enough evidence against Mickie Lynn Carter and Charles Tramble for the case to move forward. 
Investigators say Carter and Tramble concealed tack that was stolen from Southern Arkansas University rodeo team members. Five victims gave testimony today and identified their stolen possessions by looking at photos taken the day the items were recovered. First Assistant District Attorney Johnny Loard says investigators found the tack in a wooded area in Oklahoma and the items were covered with pine needles and leaves. Some of the stolen equipment has not been recovered.  
Five rodeo horses were also stolen in early November along with a horse trailer. Four of the horses were found in Oklahoma in poor condition two weeks later. They were tied to trees without food or water. The fifth horse, Credit Card, was found in late November shot and dismembered.

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Related to Report: NR001476

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