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"Stolen Horse International and Debi Metcalfe have been dedicated to helping re-unite horses and their owners since we first met about 15 years ago. There are none more diligent than Debi and her team at NetPosse.” Monty Roberts

 "Debi Metcalfe and Stolen Horse International are the gold standard when you encounter a situation involving a missing or stolen horse, whether you found the horse or lost the horse. The thoughtful care and personal attention Debi gives every case is inspiring because she has personal experience with h ow it feels to have your horse taken. As an equine attorney in North Carolina and director on the NC Horse Council board I am often asked about situations where there is a horse missing (or found) and a referral to Debi is virtually always in order. The results SHI regularly produces are amazing!" - Dottie Burch - NC Equine Attorney, Ragsdale Liggett, PLLC 

"Stolen Horse International/ is a program that is very special for the horse industry and made up of great horseman. I will always appreciate and support the well being of horses. is all about that! Thanks for your dedication and passion for the horse and their loving owners!"  - Lynn Palm -  Palm Partnership Training

"My wife Sandy and I had met Debi Metcalfe many years ago within the equestrian world. We learned her story about a horse that meant so much to her, that was her life besides her love for her family, that this horse was taken from her right out of her pasture. She had no where to turn and her pain and feeling hopelessness sparked a driven passion to do something about it. Sandy and I watched Debi relentlessly transform an idea to do something to help others into a real major organization with Stolen Horse International Inc. A network were people can turn to for real help. A place that gives people who have been victimized with their horses or equipment hope, answers and results. God bless Debi Metcalfe for creating this and helping so many people with her special organization, Stolen Horse International Inc." - WOODEN HORSE CORPORATION, Norwalk, Ohio, 

"Stolen Horse International has been a great boom to horses and owners. Not only does the servce help oweners get the word to the public if their animals go missing, but in just disseminating that information may save a horse's life." - Pat Raia, Equine Welfare Reporter, The Horse Magazine

"I can't think of anything more awful than to come home and my horses be gone! This happened to one of my friends last year. Fortunately, we were able to get some really good and fast advice from Debi Metcalfe at Thanks to her suggestions we were able to get fliers out, use social media and the local authorities. The person who stole the horse didn't get caught, but they did leave it to be discovered nearby. It was such a relief to know that somebody out there was helping us get through this nightmare! Debi's work is amazing and her long and tireless dedication is unmatched! It is without reservation that I can recommend her services through this wonderful organization." - Rose Cushing - Publisher Carolina Hoofbeats and South Carolina Hoofbeats 


"I have known of or known Stolen Horse International for a long time...I would not hesitate to give my full support to Debi or the Business...As an investigator of Stolen animals and ranch things,,,I have got a powerful respect for Debi and her business...She gets the job done...Blessed Trails." - TJ Casey, Cowboy Enterprises Inc

Guess what you woke up this morning, went out to the barn to feed your horse(s) and he/she are gone. First thing you do is look around the property to see if they are there. Then you realize that your horse(s) have been stolen. You don't know what to do, you call the police and they say they will take a report and that is all. How is that going to get your horse(s) back???????

You post on Facebook that your horse(s) have been stolen and you are falling to pieces about it. Someone says, "Have you posted it on Stolen Horse International?" Your response is what is that???

Well, let me tell you, Debi Metcalfe had a horse stolen years ago and after years of searching she found Idaho and brought him home. This gave her the idea to create Stolen Horse International ("SHI") to help others find their stolen horse(s). How can this help you ask? What better way to catch a thief/rustler then how they did it in the Old West with a Posse. The members of SHI are that the Netposse, flyers are sent to all members to carry with them to horse sales or just in their cars/trucks in case they see a horse(s) that looks like it might fit the description of a stolen horse. They contact authorities and assist in getting the horse(s) back to their owners. They have even helped get stolen tack, etc. back to the owners.

I've know Debi for many years and have watched her organization grown from a small group of people to the huge organization it is now. I have watched her educate police departments that the theft of a horse is a huge blow to a person/family, not something to be pushed under the carpet so to speak. I have seen horse(s) found and returned to their families, even after many months/years. The more members there are of SHI's Netposse the better chance you have of possibly getting your horse(s) back and save them from possible lives of misery or worse. 

Well done Deb and God bless

Sandy Dean, Broken Rail Farm, Sundance 500

"I whole-heartedly endorse Stolen Horse International, Inc in their efforts to aid individuals who have been victimized by the theft of their horses or property. The folks at SHI have worked hard to establish an international network that offers these victims real hope. SHI also provides educational opportunities to improve public awareness through seminars, presentations and exhibits and works closely with the law enforcement community to help recover stolen property. I look forward to working with Debi Metcalfe and her staff to find other ways in which Randy Abernathy Horsemanship can help to support this worthwhile organization." - Randy Abernathy -Trainer and Clinician 

"I've been closely acquainted with Debi Metcalfe and her mission, Stolen Horse International and, for several years. I believe Debi has a unique call to this work, and her efforts have been invaluable in preventing animal theft, as well as reuniting stolen horses with their rightful owners. This was a difficult field to enter, on several fronts, and Debi donates countless hours (and a considerable amount of cash) to educating horse owners about horse theft, and providing practical means to prevent it. I applaud Debi's perseverance, and wish her continued success on the journey." -Brenda Imus -Gaited Horse Author and Clinician